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Homeowner. Business Leader. Advocate for Fair Appraisal Process.
"I am running to ensure that our appraisal processes are fair, transparent, and equitable.


Harris County is #1 in Texas for number of protests

Harris County's ratio of judicial appeals is 2x the state average

Harris County residents save $452 less on average than protests statewide

The increases in appraisal values and the unpredictability of resulting tax bills has a direct impact on the bottomline for homeowners and small business owners and contributing to cost of living increases across the county. This is leading to micro living at macro costs.

Our residents have shared their concerns with me and I have personally experienced this change as both a home owner and rental property owner.

HCAD residents are feeling unheard and underserved due to:
  •  dissatisfaction with the appeal process
  •  frequent and unpredictable increases in appraisal and tax costs
  • ​ a lack of transparency in decision-making.

It is essential that every member of our community feel they have a fair and accessible means to address grievances.

Yes, property taxes are important. It is one of the few ways in Texas to fund local governments and school districts. I also applaud the progress made by HCAD in offering property owners a quick and efficient online protest process.
However, far too many protests occur in Harris County. Harris County maintains the #1 position in the state of Texas with over 400,000 appeals each year. In fact, Harris County exhibits nearly double the percentage of assessments requiring judicial appeals compared to the statewide average, placing undue strain on our judicial system. Harris County assessment reduction occurs 32% in judicial appeals vs. Statewide of 19% in judicial appeal reductions.
In 2022, Harris County homeowners who protested averaged savings of $641 versus statewide savings from informal / ARB hearings of $1,093. 
When elected, I will work diligently to reform and streamline this process, ensuring that it is transparent, efficient, and equitable for all.
Source: Harris Central Appraisal District
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