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Transparent Appraisals & Appeals

Open and accountable reporting of appraisals

Affordable & Sustainable Housing

Prioritize the well-being of Harris County residents


Ensure that Harris County are part of the decision making that impact their everyday lives and residents' concerns are addressed

Invest for the Future

Making investments in education and expanding economic opportunities will position Harris County residents for the future

Appraisals and Appeals

Transparency is critical. Many homeowners feel left in the dark about how their property values are determined. This is leading to an overwhelming number of protests. In addition, residents with fixed income or generational homes are facing risks of losing their homes. I realized that, as a trained tax professional, if I cannot understand the property tax system, who could?  Certainly not the average homeowner.


Harris Central Appraisal District property tax protests exceed those in any other Texas county. HCAD had 453,842 tax protests in 2021. Tarrant County had the second highest level of protests with 148,004 property tax protests and Dallas was third with 147,665 protests in 2021 (most recent year data).


In addition, the 10% cap on appraisals has looked more like a floor to many residents. On average, home appraisals increased 25% in 2022 and another 18% in 2023. This is unsustainable for most homeowners and businesses, putting ownership out of reach for many people.

By implementing clearer guidelines and providing accessible information about the factors influencing appraisals, we can empower property owners to better understand and navigate the process. My goals as a homeowner, business owner, AWS employee, mother, and citizen are to use my abilities to represent others by trying to reform the property tax appraisal system to ensure transparency, affordability, and sustainability.


The unpredictability of appraisal values and the resulting tax assessments to homeowners and small business owners is impacting the cost of living across the county, leading to micro living at macro costs.

The consecutive cost increases over the past two years have posed significant financial challenges for our middle-class families. This situation is concerning and requires immediate attention to ensure sustainable and affordable homeownership and apartment costs in Harris County.


I am dedicated to exploring alternative solutions, such as benchmarking to other cities, with and without income taxes, to learn other ways of generating sustainable tax revenues without overburdening home owners. This will prioritize the financial well-being of our residents and work towards a more stable and prosperous future for all.

Home in Houston Texas

Harris County embodies a rich tapestry of Texas residents and communities. I am committed to actively opening the Board of Directors to people from diverse economic backgrounds, from senior citizens to gen Z to energize our county and ensure it works for all. This inclusive approach fosters unity and strength, driving economic growth and prosperity for all Harris County residents. 

I will work with HCAD employees and contractors to ensure consistent, positive feedback from our constituents and improve the overall experience of residents who engage with the district. 

Economic Growth

I will advocate for and collaborate with other government agencies to revitalize underserved communities, not dis-incentivize it with our appraisal system. Additionally, I will continue champion initiatives that promote tax and financial literacy and capital liquidity for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Economic growth also requires an educated and skilled workforce. It is imperative that Harris County continues to invest in our public education system from kindergarten to trade schools.


Through these investments, we strive to build a vibrant and inclusive economy in Harris County.

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